Mark Strub's Service Commitment

Strüb Residential provides a high-level of expertise in real estate sales in Central Texas, focusing on serving the needs of home-sellers and home-buyers, as well as recruiting and training sponsored REALTORS.

We operate on a few simple principles: SERVICE. INTEGRITY. CREATIVITY. We also highly value our belief in open communication, a focus on time-saving technology and a passion for selling real estate. Our unique and dedicated network of REALTORS, staff and industry professionals know it is essential to spend time planning for success when partnering with clients to achieve their goals. As a result, STRÜB has built a sphere of loyal clients resulting in 75% repeat and referral business.

In all cases, STRÜB abides by the National Association of Realtor's [NAR] "Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice" when representing a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or other client. STRÜB protects and promotes the interests of their client above all else.

Strüb Residential was founded in Austin, Texas by Mark Strüb after working as an independent REALTOR under three different sponsoring brokers. His experience at each company was vastly different from the other presenting a well-rounded view of this business and the various ways it can be modeled. Taking the best of each and calling upon the totality of his own successes and failures, as well as the example of peers, colleagues and industry leaders, Strüb Residential strives to establish a firm yet evolving foundation for success supporting clients and sponsored REALTORS alike.

I have been buying and selling homes for over 40 years- some to live in and some as investments. Mark is the first REALTOR in all those years with the combination of experience, integrity and, most important, intuition to understand my needs. He has the ability sort through available properties or clients as to not waste time on mismatched and fruitless offers. He is, bar none, the BEST.

Larry Bucher,
Buyer, Seller, Investor

He assisted us in every aspect of the purchase of this home, from initial familiarization with the city of Austin and the market, to the search for a specific home, to the actual negotiations and closing (with very difficult, elderly, out of country sellers), to locating workmen for remodeling, and information on where best to purchase furnishings and Austin services. He is definitely one of the best REALTORS I have encountered.

Mickey Levendusky,

Our list of criteria for a home purchase was quite extensive. Mark was incredibly patient throughout the entire process, listening to our needs and helping us explore alternatives to meet our interests. In the end, he helped us find the perfect house in a fantastic location, all at a price below market value! We will definitely be using Mark for any future real estate transactions.

Scott Dannemiller,
Home Buyer

The house had everything I was looking for and Mark crunched some numbers for me, even though that isn't a part of his job. After talking the seller down and Mark helping me find good financing, I bought the house! I am so glad I ditched the other REALTOR and went with Mark. I love my new house and even my neighbors. I feel very fortunate to have found Mark.

Rosie Ochoa,
Home Buyer

I have worked with Mark on a number of projects and every one has been a learning experience for me. Some transactions have required a good amount of patience, agility and most importantly, creativity. Mark's ability to think out of the box with confidence and skill has made him an indispensable tool for navigating the Austin real estate market. Thanks Mark.

Pliny Reynolds,
Home Buyer and Investor

As an investor in real estate I am interested in finding the perfect location in the perfect market. Austin, TX was on my list, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Mark knew the layout of the area and which neighborhood was due for the best appreciation. This is knowledge that comes from experience and research. His advice has been a big success.

David Dumble,

Working with Mark is not only informative, but fun as well. Mark is always a step ahead and quick to respond.

Lisa McWilliams,
Home Buyer and Seller

Mark was the first to call back and had a website up for me with properties that met my criteria before anyone else even called back. He was on top of every question during the search and was very helpful in keeping the negotiations on an even keel after I found what I wanted. I will always give his name and the highest recommendation to anyone who is wanting to buy or sell property.

Claudia Oney,

Mark has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to make my home purchase possible. My situation was an especially difficult one; with a less competent REALTOR, I couldn't have done it. Mark made it happen within my budget, on schedule, and with style. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Mark to my closest friends, and to any home buyer or seller who enjoys working with competent, intelligent people.

Jenn Neilson,
Home Buyer

Mark Strub has been the best REALTOR that we have ever encountered. When we took interest in homes he would go above and beyond and research the area and what other houses were selling for. Mark provided the professionalism and relational approach that we needed. I would and have recommended Mark to anyone that is looking for a REALTOR.

Tracie Austin,
Home Buyer and Seller

Just want to let the world know that Mark Strub is the best REALTOR in Austin. Very professional and lots of fun to be around. Went out of his way numerous times to assist us in every which way.

Christine Monge,
Home Buyer

As I told you, you had been the best agent we ever had, and I really mean it. You were always ready to help in any of our aspect of the deal and most important you make us feel we could trust you and made us fell secure. And our trust was well placed because you were friendly a very professional. Thanks you very much for your help, we are going to recommend you to all our friends.

Orlando Riquelme,
Home Buyer

I really enjoyed working with Mark. Not only was he responsive but he was also very knowledgeable. He uses all the tools available to him and is willing to share them with his clients. We set up a weekly schedule for looking at homes and I received automated emails when changes occurred in the area where we bought. We were very pleased with all the referrals he offered us as well as all his advice.

Gabby Dannemiller,
Home Buyer

I am a high volume REALTOR in Phoenix, Arizona and recommend Mark without reservation to any of my clients looking to purchase in the Austin area. I have also purchased multiple homes as investments in Austin and have used Mark each and every time. I am confident that no situation could arise in a real estate transaction that Mark is not prepared to handle.

David Fisher,
REALTOR and Investor

The perception I had of a Real Estate agent was that of a very pushing individual more interested in speeding up a sale than in assessing and fulfilling the real needs of the customer. Additionally, since I was coming from out of state the distance added more of that risk factor to my buying experience. From the first minute I spoke with Mark over the phone, he immediately got my interest due to his obvious knowledge and ample experience.

Bernardo Garcia,

He really listened and was able to find me the perfect house. He was also able to set me up with a great lender, and had many references for me to start my remodel. We closed fast considering the situation with the sellers not being in the country and he sat with me at closing and made sure nothing was over looked. My experience was so great that I would never use anyone else, and have since recommended many other people.

Havalah Winslow,
Home Buyer and Seller

Mark and I met on the Internet while I was surfing for investment property to remodel. Over the past two years we have worked together to sell and purchase two houses. ...Mark was continually helpful and above all patient. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and guided me down the road towards a profitable decision.
I would recommend Mark Strub to anyone, especially my mom.

Stuart McIntire,
Buyer, Seller, Investor

With so many REALTORS to select from, Mark stood out with his local knowledge of the market and most of all, his true dedication to the industry in which he serves. As an out of state investor, it was of paramount importance I find a professional whom I could trust and certainly found that in Mark. He is easy to work with, trustworthy and an advocate for his clients. Thanks, Mark!

Linda Kirkpatrick,